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  • High Voltage Stun Guns

    When it comes to owning a stun gun - the higher the voltage,  the better protected you will be. 

    Keep this in mind, the higher voltage your stun gun has, the quicker the attacker will fall meaning faster immobilization for him/her and a quicker escape for you.  The Higher the voltage  means the current can pass through more thicker layers of clothing and still immobilize your attacker. - higher voltage equates to FASTER stopping power.  Test fire a high voltage stun gun sometime (anything above 800,000 volts), you will notice the electrical current running between the test prongs creates a bright lightning bolt.   The loud, crackling sound is unmistakable and is often enough to send a would-be attacker running in the opposite direction. In any event, if the attacker keeps on coming, you are holding a self defense weapon that will definitely stop the attack. 

    For all its power, high voltage in a stun gun is still safe to handle. A good example is to think of a stun gun like a water gun. If low current is like water, then voltage would be like water under pressure. Water squirted from a regular water gun is no problem. When water is directed from a high pressure water hose, like the fire department uses, it's enough to break up an angry mob - but it's still just water. Higher voltage equals greater effectiveness in a shorter time.

    Also, keep in mind that if your attacker is touching you or holding on to you, the shock will not be transmitted from him to you - it cannot immobilize you and you will not feel anything at all coming from your stun gun.

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  • Do Your Research When Buying Stun Guns

    With all the current crime that goes on today, there is nothing wrong with seeking to have protection every time - One self-defense weapon that is pretty popular is a stun gun. Prior to making an order, know the numerous kinds on the market so that you can find one that suits your requirements most.

     Whenever you buy stun guns online, you will quickly run into the disguised stun gun. This is an amazing option that provides the element of surprise so the enemy won’t have any idea that you are intending to stun him. The high voltage stun gun is another helpful alternative that produces around a million volts or more. With this gadget, you can defeat an opponent a lot quicker when compared to a low voltage stun gun.

    Should you be looking to buy stun guns online, you will also find the small stun gun. It will be lightweight, compact and easy to bring around as it can fit very easily in a pocket or purse, or stay concealed in the hand. Its compact size also can help in surprising the assailant. On the other hand, a baton stun gun has the benefit of long reach compared to any other stun guns. This will help incapacitate the target from a distance without having to get too near to the enemy. Another type that you will find out once you get stun guns online would be the flashlight stun gun. The good thing about this is that it will help you see the assailant clearly in the evening, which in turn will help you aim far better.

    Stun guns are ideal for self-defense since they send out an electric shock to the target’s body upon direct contact. This will incapacitate the enemy temporarily, offering you time to break free. If you wish to purchase stun guns online, then it is important to be aware that all stun guns are non-lethal weapons so that you do not have to worry about causing long term damage to anyone. One thing for certain is that stun guns are choices for trying to keep you protected.

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  • Buy Stun Guns - Buy Pepper Spray - Best Self Defense Products!

    ACS Personal Security carries hundreds of personal defense products such as STUN GUNS, PEPPER SPRAY, MACE and TASER (R) ELECTRONIC CONTROL DEVICES.

    We carry top name products and offer the very best pricing available - we are on the internet at http://www.acspersonalsecurity.com and http://acs-securitytechnology.com  and also have a office at 1226 N Belt Line Rd in Irving, TX 75061.

    Don't get caught without one of our self defense products - females should especially consider carrying a stun gun or pepper spray for thier personal safety - especially when walking alone at night.  Keep a stun gun or pepper spray beside your bed at night for easy access in the event of an intruder break in.  IT MAY SAVE YOUR LIFE.

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